Our Mission

SUPPORT THROUGH SPORT to our injured or ill Veteran Community.

For many Canadians, playing sports from a young age has meant making friends and having fun.


It's meant taking up the challenge to master new skills and learn important lessons that can be carried throughout the rest of your life.


Lessons like teamwork and sacrifice, adversity and perseverance, as well as commitment and discipline.


Taking up sports is a formative experience.  It creates confidence, loyalty and trust in your teammates.


Those who have gone to battle with their teammates in sports know how meaningful and powerful it is to have this kind of positive element in your life.  For many, not having sports and what it adds in their life would be unthinkable.


But what if the ability to participate in sports was suddenly gone as a result of a traumatic service related injury or illness?


Those in the Military and Veteran community understand what this might mean to their teammate's physical, emotional and psychological well-being...the potential loss of friends, connectedness and sense of self. 


As Canadians, each one of us can "Support Through Sport" our Gallant Knights...those brave men and women in uniform who sacrificed their safety and well-being to protect our communities and serve our nation, by facilitating their participation in adaptive sports and sport-related therapy programs. 


Together, with your generous donation, we can achieve our mission to assist in their rehabilitation and recovery journey by funding the acquisition of expensive, specialized adaptive sports equipment.  


Along with providing financial assistance to help cover related participation costs, we can help our injured and ill, veterans and first responders reconnect socially after service and find their 'new normal' with pride and dignity.